Pilates Classes in french and german




Saturday 20th February : 4pm until 5.30pm

Price: 25 euros

Do you want to strengthen your upper Body?

We will strengthen our arms, shoulders, abs and back.

We will use small props( theraband, weights).

If you don't have any, you can use tights and water bottle.

 This workshop is for all levels!

I will teach in german and french.


We will do a small break after 45minutes, and I'll give a nice relaxation at the end.

Register  and contact to: pilatesletsgoberlin@gmail.com

 See you very soon online!



FLOOR BARRE WORKSHOP Online Saturday 16th January 2021

From 10.30 a.m to 12 a.m .

This Workshop is for all levels in french and german.


We will work the Innerthighs, the abs, the back, butt.

We will take a break in the middle.


You can subscribe per mail to: pilatesletsgoberlin@gmail.com


Price : 25 euros





From November, I teach online Classes in french and german for all levels!



Tuesday: 7p.m - 8p.m : ABS/BUTT/BACK


Thursday:    10.30 a.m -11.30 a.m: PILATES CLASS

(New from 19.11.20)  

                         7p.m -8 p.m: ARMS/ABS/THIGHS


Registration: pilatesletsgoberlin@gmail.com


Prices are  in the" prices" section on the website

My classes are back in Schöneberg from the 8th june 2020! With respect of Hygiene Rules with Covid 19.


-Monday : 6p.m -7p.m

                     7.30p.m- 8.30 p.m

- Tuesday: 10.15 a.m - 11.15 a.m

-Wednesday : 6 p.m -7 p.m

                             7.30p.m -8.30p.m



Please register before to the email :                            pilatesletsgoberlin@gmail.com because spots are limited!!




Don't be scared! :)

I will wear a mask during the classes, and respect all the rules for Covid 19.

You don't need to wear a mask during the class.


I will just ask you to:


- To come dressed athletically (sports clothes on), not wardrobe allowed.

- To bring your own bottle of water, we are not allowed to propose any drink.

- Bring your towel to put on the mat.
If you want to bring your mat but you don't have to.

- To maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other persons. Mats will be 1,5 Meter from each other.

- Wash your hands with soap or disinfectant (already in the room) before the courses.

- Participants with signs of infection are not allowed to participate

- Mats in the studio, as well as Pilates mats that you bring with you, must be disinfected before and after use in the classroom.

- Name, telephone number and attendance times of the participants must be documented in a list.


                                                                              Thank you for your comprehension :)





Studio in Schöneberg Address:


Heilpraxis Lecorguillé-Wildt

Kulmer Strasse 18

10783 Berlin


U/Sbahn: Yorckstrasse - or Kleitspark




 " After 10 Lessons,  you will feel the difference, after 20 you will see the difference, and after 30 you will have a new body"

Joseph Pilates



" Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates






I'm happy to welcome you to my classes !


As a backgroud dancer, I use my body to express myself, and now I use it, to develop more controle, balance, fluidity , flexibility and strength.


It's a pleasure to see my students  evolving and having more control and strength with their body !


Teaching my students to be more aware of their bodies, this is the essence of my work and my passion.